MORMOR is a jewelry line based in Colombia specialized in the creation of timeless vintage & classic pieces designed for the contemporary women.

The brand goes by the motto “affordable luxury in your everyday styling” featuring jewelry accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.



Meet the founder and designer, Susana Restrepo.

I started Mormor in 2020 when I turned what seemed like countless sketches and endless nights into a reality.

The name Mormor comes from the Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian word meaning “Grandmother”. For as long as I can remember, I´ve been passionate for jewelry. Memories of a joyful, curious little girl playing in her grandmother´s wardrobe grabbing vintage golden chain necklaces, pearls earrings and precious gemstone rings invades my memory on a daily basis. My grandmother has always been the inspiration to my brand and its creative process. A women who was characterized by her elegance, determination, empowerment and wisdom. A a way of honoring her, I try to transmit her memory and essence throughout my pieces, giving them a meaning that trespass beyond a physical aesthetic.

Mormor creates pieces that resemble the good ol´ times fabulous glam featuring timeless vintage and classic jewelry but destined to a fun, sophisticated, and fearless modern woman. A Mormor woman